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Video Job interviews are becoming popular today as many people work remotely. With the aid of technology, these interviews can be conducted from any part of the world. So, if you are having a video job interview anytime soon, you need to prepare. Although the preparation is similar to an office job interview, there are little differences. Hence, we share some tips:

video interview

Focus on the camera, not the screen

Rather than gazing at your interviewer on the screen, your eyes should focus on the camera. This will help you maintain eye contact with whoever is interviewing you even if the person is not present.

Dress well

Yes, it is a video job interview and the tendency is that you may want to dress anyhow you like. Although your dressing should depend on the nature of the interview, you should dress as if you are going for a proper office interview.

Prep your ambience

The ambience of the interview should be very quiet and neat. Remove anything that may be distracting. It is better to leave it neutral.

Avoid ‘Can you hear me now?’ situation

Video interviews rely heavily on excellent internet connection. So, ensure that you get a reliable network that doesn’t fluctuate.
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It will be awkward if you keep saying can you hear me or forgive me, I will call you back.

End other programs on your computer
If you are using your computer for the interview, you should end every other program on your computer that may disrupt your job interview. Stop all notifications, movie, and music.

Avoid disturbances

If you are not the only one staying in your home, you should inform them about your interview. This will prevent them from disturbing you. And if need be, you can hang do not disturb on your door and lock it.

Be conscious of your body language

Video interviewers look more at your body language than what you have to say. So, be sure that you are passing the right body language. You can start with a good posture!

There is nothing wrong with following up with a thank-you mail after the interview.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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