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By Omoye Uzamere

One of the best things about being an actor is the opportunity to travel for free. Yes, I said it. Free of charge.

As a thrifty workaholic, you’ll be hard-pressed to convince me about going on a vacation.

First of all, am I to take off, riding the waves on sunset beach just when a big opportunity just MIIGHT come calling? I need to be available if something came up, even if that means not living. It’s my reality – actors are constantly preparing for the next opportunity, willing the phone to ring – but I digress.

Secondly, am I to spend my own hard earned money on a vacation??

It just doesn’t balance in my head. The real lack of balance though is that I LOVE to travel.

Such an irony, I know.

I have to admit however, that as much as I love travelling, I love my work much more. So, I decided to seek more opportunities to travel for work.

A few months ago, I went to the beautiful metropolis of Kaduna on a WORCATION.


What is a WORCATION? It is a vacation disguised as a work trip or vice-versa. You go to a country or city you’ve never visited or haven’t been to in a while. You go sightseeing, discover the food, culture and architecture of another civilization, but at the same time, you’re on the clock. It’s the most fulfilling type of holiday ever, because there is no guilt about wasting precious productive hours faffing around, because you are there for work (either filming or rehearsing/performing) and play happens in your spare time, there is the joy of breaking your daily routine and waking up to a new bed that you don’t have to make, there is the novelty of looking out the window and seeing an unfamiliar landscape. To top it all, you are getting paid, while doing the two things you love.


I always wanted to be a travel journalist who reviewed travel destinations – hotels, resorts and such. I am constantly on the lookout for which establishment has the best customer service and policies. It’s still something I am big on, so that time will come soon.

So we went to Kaduna to perform SHIFT LEMME FAINT at a Revelinks Travels and Tours event…

They decided to give us a taste of their trade; we toured the City, visited the famous Kajuru Castle and the 5th Chukker Polo Ranch. We ate exciting food, both at the hotel and in town, authentic street food, like fura da nunu, suya, kuli-kuli, some other weird stuff and some gigantic mangoes! Then we had the chance to bond, fight and make meaningful memories (including the discovery that Kaduna is not a war torn region and you do not need a security detail to move around – they know themselves) … I even visited the street where we once lived and where I was born! all in the course of WORK.


The audience loved our performances, we experienced production in another territory and were able to assess our style of work against theirs. We found room to give ourselves a pat on the back or improve… but all that’s beside the point – We left Lagos for a few days, woke up in beds we didn’t have to make, relished some alone time, enjoyed unusual food, made fabulous memories and it was awesome!

Here are pictures to prove it below: omoye omoye omoyeomoye omoye omoye omoye omoye omoyeomoye omoye

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