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By Sochima Eze

Lagos can be very hard to survive in when you have only one income stream, however there are other streams through which you can boost your current income status. As difficult as anybody may have told you it is to thrive in Africa’s biggest economy, the fact remains that it is equally the easiest place to make money. Here are some really simple avenues particularly if you still struggle with the regular office job.


Driving: If you have a car and you are interested in making money, this is the best bet you have. Ride hailing is becoming increasingly common among Lagosians. Funny to state; but Lagosians like to be stranded almost every other time, not by choice for most of it. This is where you come in as the superhero they wished for. Getting into the business of driving could be highly lucrative considering the increasing rate of ride-hailing users. The Lagos yellow taxis are becoming increasingly unpopular due to issues of cash negotiations, cost and convenience. Hence, applying to ride for many of the ride hailing services like Uber and Taxify is indeed a wise choice even if you work a 9-5.

Online Tutoring: The demand for credible knowledge online is incredible. Many internet users interested in this kind of service may not have the time or money for physical tutorials, and thus resort to online educational platforms which are more affordable and accessible from anywhere. Most platforms give you control over your courses as you are allowed to set the rates on the tutorials you deliver. You could sign up to a one or more of these platforms if you enjoy tutoring or sharing knowledge, and you are on your way to earning reasonable cash.

Content Development/Management: Many organizations particularly small businesses find it tasking to create content, others just have problems managing them especially on social media. If you are good at creating content; pictures, videos, articles etc., then you should take a shot at content development and social media management. The good thing is that you can carry out tasks involved in content creation during your spare time. After some basic research, try approaching small businesses for a start and pitch what you can offer. As long as you can offer engaging content, you will be making stress-free cash in no time.

Catering: The food business still remains one of the most viable ways to make money in Lagos. Considering the population density and the amount of energy expended on a daily basis. In this business, how good you are determines how much you charge for patronage. The profit you can rake in fraom catering is to say but the least limitless. The secret is starting small; where you work or live could be the perfect foundation for an eventual money maker provided you can make them ask for more. You can gradually expand from there doing so yourself or by referrals from your satisfied clients.

Dropshipping: This not-so-popular medium is gradually joining the list of ascertained money spinner. More so, it serves as a perfect supplement for your suit and tie job if you have one. It entails you opening a store online to showcase other people’s products to an audience of online window-shoppers. The best part is that you do not even have to handle these products physically. In fact, you just need to play the role of a middleman serving as a link between the buyer and the seller wherever they might be. Understandably, the shopping process is rapidly shifting from the physical to the online model. Many consumers tend to choose the option of delivery to save them the stress of logistics. However, you are not required in any way to make these deliveries as the product owners will be grateful you introduced a product successfully, and will gladly pay for it.

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