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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Veteran Nollywood Actress and TV Producer, Ego Boyo has called out Nollywood Filmmakers for lack of content and originality in most of the movies produced.

According to her, the current state of the Nigerian movie industry is pathetic in terms of rich and original content even with the advent of technology.

She took to Twitter to share her opinion on the state of things, wondering if filmmakers are selling out real creative content in exchange for mediocrity.

She wrote:

“The moment you realise that saying it like it is in our industry of make believe, is unwelcome by most. Lets just keep pretending..

“Mediocre can’t be our target. Are we selling out venues and selling out real creative content. Lack of originality.

“I miss the days when the content was rich, original even if tech wasn’t great. Now tech is better, even great, and some stories are??”

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