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Written by Ogunseye Funmilola

A vague memory of getting her brother’s book creeps her. It was a dark night, PHCN doing what they were good at. With a dim light she kept writing. She wrote with terrible grammar and she knew it. But, incomplete sentences and tenses did not deter her. She would go on to become a writer, she thought. She was still at the learning phase but she discovered her love for writing.

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That moment when you really want to do something but you don’t, because you feel lazy or just scared of trying new things, you just played yourself. You have no idea how far that ‘dream’ will take you.

What is stopping you from actualising your dream? Laziness? Lack of what? Keep telling yourself that story, because I am here to tell you that actually, you can. You have no reason to be below what you should really be.

There are things you have been imagining. ‘I wish I could actually do this; Oh! I really love doing this.’ Then Mr doubt slips in telling you how inefficient you are.
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You are reminded by other people that are good at the game and then you tell yourself ‘I can never make it’.

There was a point she stopped writing when she read works of John Green, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, among other great writers. How will what she considers ‘shoddy’ get anywhere?

But she soon realised that she was the one in the play here. It’s neither about others before her nor those that have been in the game. If she continued in that line, she will end up as a nobody. Who wants to be a mediocre in 2017?

Actually you can!

Defying every imperfection, you can be your imagination. Have you thought about those big dreams? You can actually make them a reality. Say this to yourself today and act upon it. I can be my dreams, imaginations and wishes. Actually, I can.

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