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Nigerian-German musician, Adegoke Odukoya, popularly known as Ade Bantu has issued some advice to young Nigerian musicians seeking international validation.

The musician cum social activist believes that Nigerian artistes should focus more on promoting their brands in Africa, rather than looking for Western validation.

ade bantu3

See all he said:

“I think you don’t need validation from the West. You don’t need a Grammy Award. You don’t need to win an Oscar to know that you’re good. You don’t have to have a collaboration with Drake or with -who else is big at the moment? I don’t think it is important -I’m very happy for the artistes that have been able to achieve these milestones. It’s their own way of measuring their own success globally. But I think for the average artiste, it is important for them to collaborate with their contemporaries here in Nigeria. Or in Africa.

“The biggest market for Nigerian music is Africa, not America, not Europe. So, why not focus our energies on Africa, travel around Africa more,  listen to African music? A lot of the African contemporary artistes are inspired by Nigerians, so they already look up to you. They respect what you’re bringing to the table. So, collaborate with them, work with them and get an insight into their markets.”

Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye


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