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Can you tell we’re a little obsessed with Adekunle Gold this week? And who can blame us!? Our hottie of the week is not only super hot, pretty good company and incredibly talented but it turns out he’s also a stellar graphic artist at such. It turns out before he became a singing sensation, Gold was actually a graphic artist- and a damn good one at that. Even though he’s now a bonafide star, he still likes to fiddle around with Photoshop sometimes and the results are always hilarious. You see, all the places you dream of going and all the people you want to meet, Gold has been there and done that with just the click of a button. Here are some of Adekunle Gold’s epic ‘adventures’.

Ade gold tattoo

Remember those tattoos you always wanted but you are too scared to get them because your parents will take you to church? Well, Adekunle Gold will make your dreams come true.

Ade Adekola beyonce

This is what we imagine was in Adekunle Gold’s head: It has been my dream to meet Beyonce but maybe I don’t have to wait another couple of years to meet her. I can do that right now and I have a picture to prove it if you don’t believe me.

ade gold on empire

Is it just me or will Adekunle Gold completely rock as Cookie’s son? ‘Adekunle Lyon’- that has a ring to it. I could completely get used to this.

ade gold and Nicki

Her anaconda don’t want none until she’s got some Gold. Also, Nicki Minaj’s bum looks super comfy tbh.

ade gold and tiwa

They don’t do Kele kele love oh. I want to be in love so I can go and lie down on the road with Adekunle Gold.

ade gold with adele

And if you have not gotten his newly released album you dey carry last because even Adele’s gone out and bought it. So drop your phone and get the ‘Gold’ album, you won’t regret it.

These are just a few wonders of the great Photoshop King Adekunle Gold. If you have any that you think we need to see. Hit us up.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

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