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According to scientists, Gold is an element, to a sportsman, it is an award but to Nigerian music, Gold is Adekunle.

When Adekunle Gold tried his hands on One Direction’s ‘Story of my life’ with a blend of Nigerian flavour and storytelling and titled it “Sade”,He never foresaw the wave that the single would generate. Two years later, he is one of Nigerian music’s outstanding prospects with good record sales, concerts in different countries, and a profile that continues to rise through the release of new music.

Adekunle gold hit maker

Adekunle released his debut album titled “Gold”this year,which was exquisitely branded, and according to listener’s and critics review, it is one of the best projects released in the country presently.

According to Pulse review“Adekunle Gold’s debut work ticks a lot of boxes, and sets a conceptual standard that should be the norm, but sadly, is an exception. There’s also a distinct lack of a power recording that would define the EP, and stand out not as a commercial endeavor, but a true representation of the singer’s ability to create a classic. Also, the project slightly slips into a monotony of sound. But the general consistency in delivery and the novelty of having a project of such quality papers over this crack, and presents what is a solid LP.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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