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Ever felt like your life is/was spinning or moving so fast like one on the fast lane or in a rollercoaster and all of a sudden you realize and look back and think “My life was moving so fast before, why haven’t I achieved X,Y &Z.

You look back and think, “oh what have I been doing since 2016…. Oh Lordy Lord, what is happening to my life?” First off, you need to stop comparing yourself, directly or indirectly to other people and you really need to pace yourself.  Let me announce to you that these thoughts/ actions only show that you have become an adult with many responsibilities. Welcome to Adulthood!


You are grown and YES, YOUR LIFE HAS MOVED FORWARD. YOU ARE GETTING AHEAD WITH or IN LIFE. It just seems like it’s not as fast as you want it. 

  • You have a job/hustle that’s working /accelerating. 
  • You have gained a lot of experience since you started working/since you got that job;
  • Maybe you started working out/ going to the gym/exercising/dieting
  • You have consciously/unconsciously stopped that bad habit you know you had;
  • You have either added a kilo or 2 or lost some.
  • You are more mature and have a better understanding about life than you did a few years back.

Basically, in any situation you find yourself (at the moment), you have definitely made a move.


What exactly is this Adulthood sef?

Adulthood, in essence, means the state or condition of being fully-grown and mature.

You are fully-grown and mature in this thing called life; and guess what, you are closer to that goal than you were a few years back. YEAH, I SAID IT!!!

Please give yourself a tap on the back (/a self-hug) for how far you have come, how grown you are in your field of practice and even in life because LIFE CAN BE HARD, GROWTH CAN BE HARD AND MATURITY can be difficult. Life experiences and maturity make you a better person.

How can I measure my growth and achieve all my many expectations?

  • These can be done by pacing yourself;
  • Stop comparing yourself with other people and stay on your lane;
  • Identify your bad habits and try to change them;
  • Identify your weak points and seek help/ get a mentor/work towards improving them;
  • Identify your strong points and keep harnessing them;
  • Write down your expectations; work towards them, pray while you’re at it and watch God come through for you.

Yes, 2020 is upon us, but trust me, with ease, patience with yourself, less worry, productivity and prayer, you will not only achieve those goals but ACE them!

Till next time….

Adesola Osuntoki

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