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This year’s AFRIFF Academy Workshops and Masterclasses will be a hybrid between virtual and in-person seminars that last for the duration of three to four days each. AFRIFF’s masterclasses are scheduled to begin November 8th, and will be concluded by November 12th. The masterclasses will connect expert facilitators and experienced professionals in learning environments that promote collaboration and high-value knowledge exchanges.

The AFRIFF masterclasses are not beginner classes, but do however present participants with the opportunity to update their industry knowledge and skill, through guided learning that is based on the real life experiences of facilitators along with exclusive industry knowledge that is unique and insightful as well as based on best practices.

Participants for each masterclass are selected based on their professional experience, in what can be a competitive process. AFRIFF and its program partners consider every
application carefully with the hope of creating an enriching experience for all participants in each masterclass, as learning is not only one-sided. Only preregistered candidates will be selected.

“Opportunities to learn should never be missed. And this most definitely applies to masterclasses being held by AFRIFF. AFRIFF is giving professionals the opportunity to be students again, which is always a good place to be, as you are in a position to expand your mind, strengthen your weak points and receive guidance from professionals who are more experienced than you,” -Jite Ovueraye, Head of Marketing and Operations at Accelerate TV.

The topics of this year’s masterclasses are as follows: animation, acting for the big screen, post production, sound design for film, and directing experimental short films.

Acting For The Big Screen Masterclass

The Animation Masterclass will host 12-15 animators who have current animation projects and will be facilitated by the America Film Showcase & The U.S. Mission Nigeria. The acting for the big screen workshop will be led by Hilda Dokuboh and Ronya Mann, while that of sound design for film will be led by Quinton Schmidt of Dolby Studios. And finally, the directing experimental short films and post production classes will be facilitated by Phillip Noyce and Global Media Makers, respectively.

Animation Masterclass

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