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Age ain’t nothing but a number! You’re probably a big time advocate of this phrase or have at least heard it before. We all have ideas about the age range of the partners we’d like to date and eventually marry. Sure, we may have personal reasons for citing a particular age range but should age really be a determining factor for the success of relationship?

If you’ve ever considered dating someone with a significant age difference from yours, here’s a few rules you might need to take a look at:

-Have a limit. We don’t always have control over who we fall for but a rather significant age difference makes it an impossible task. Despite having true feelings, involving yourself with an underage can attract legal issues that are punishable by law in some countries. Similar to this is also dating someone who is relatively older- chances are you’ll either be seen as a gold digger by society, face fertility issues or lose them to death too early (sorry).

-Analyze your reasons. Prior to getting involved with a partner with significant age gap, take time to analyze your reasons for doing so. Are your reasons based on material gains that your partner can offer or are they purely based on emotions. Taking great care to evaluate your reasons can go a long in helping you make the right decision. Remember however, material needs may run out and emotions may be also be clouded.

-Brace yourself for generational differences. He likes his Xbox game and you prefer classical opera right? No matter how compatible and understanding you both are, there’ll always clashes due to generational differences. To curb this problem, make the conscious effort to investigate and understand things from your partners view point. Being flexible and open to learning is an important key to the way forward.

-Get ready to fight back criticism. Not everyone will understand why you choose to be with someone who is way too old or young for you. Some people will even go as far as making rude and snide comments about your relationship. If you feel the need to, then kindly explain to them that you are in love with your partner and not their age but if not offer a polite reply that puts an end to the discussion.

-Leave out the age gap. As much as you can’t deny the fact that differences will ensue as result of generational differences, basing every problem on age can only ever spur more trouble. Blaming every issue in your relationship on age difference will only make you both self-conscious and misinterpreted. Try not to bring to the table the topic of ‘the age gap’ until it is important and really requires addressing.


Written by Treasure Asanammy

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