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By Oluwatobi Opusunju

Bam! Brymo is on a whole new level of pride now!

With real names, Olawale Ashimi, Brymo has tweeted the fact that he is the best thing to have happened to the Nigerian music industry.

The singer, who has been quite controversial with his tweets in recent times, also noted that he won’t back down until “you accept” what he said as the candid truth.

He wrote, “I am the best thing to ever happen to the Nigerian music industry, and I will not let you wait till I die before you accept it…”

No doubt, Brymo is one artiste who possesses a unique kind of musical dexterity and vocal prowess.

He’s so gifted that his collaborative effort with Ice Prince on the rapper’s debut track “Oleku” cannot be forgotten, even 6 years after the song has been released.

His skillful and energy laced rendition of the chorus gave that song the classic feel that helped to propel Ice prince‘s musical career to the lime light.

The singer, also to his credit has sang other powerful songs like “Ara”, “Good Morning”, “Down” etc which have all  gone to be classics in their own rights, before court’s injunction on his musical career in 2013, after he breached his contractual agreement with Chocolate City in 2013.

Although, he’s no more bounded by the court’s injunction which restrained him from functioning as an artiste till 2016, and he’s since released some very good music too, but, is he really the best thing to ever happen to the Nigerian music industry?

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