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Air travel is stressful – long lines to contend with, delays, cramped seating and myriad of other issues known to drive even the sanest traveler to distraction. But none of those things gives anyone the right to be a total jerk 30,000 feet in the air. We’d all be a lot happier if everyone afforded fellow travelers a certain amount of common courtesy. Here, then, we look at a few simple rules that would make air travel much easier for all involved.

Avoid onions or garlic

Stop buying smelly food as it permeates the air and takes over the flight. All potent foods are not allowed. Nothing can get rid of that smell in your section, except the dreaded perfume spray, at which point we really have to ask, which is worse? Old onion food smell, or your strong perfume or cologne that will linger for days? You be the judge.

Respect the armrest

There has been a long debate over who controls the armrest on a flight. The aisle and window seats are easy. You get the outer armrest. That middle armrests are much trickier. Some say the middle seat should get access to both armrests. Some say everyone should get the armrest to their right or left (depending on the side of the plane you are on) since technically the window seat doesn’t have an armrest. Others think you should be able to share. One person gets the front of the armrest while another person gets the back of the armrest.

Keep Your Knees to Yourself

The middle seat is awful. We all get this. There is nothing worse than a very large man in that middle seat next to a very small person on the window or the aisle though, especially if the window passenger is a woman. Keep your legs together. You should not have to squish into the aisle or up against the window to give your legs more room just so they aren’t rubbing up against the person in front. The lines of personal space have already been drawn. Stay within the boundaries of the seat in front of you and the lines of your own seat.

Know that not all bags fit

Not all bags fit in the overhead compartment, no matter how they are labelled in the store. You do not have to force your bag thus delaying the flight. Alternatively, you can ask for help.

The salon is not a plane

A plane is not where you do your own manicure and certainly, don’t start clipping your toenails or giving yourself a pedicure. Those fumes are noxious and no one needs to smell them. Don’t spray hairspray at your seat or perfume anywhere on the plane. Feel free to fix your hair in the bathroom, but not in any communal spaces.

By Damilola Faustino

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