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By Damilola Faustino

The man who allegedly got punched by Alec Baldwin in an argument over a parking space says he’s doing just fine.

alec baldwin

Wojciech Cieszkowski was identified as the alleged victim, although cops have yet to publicly ID the man. Cieszkowski said he was “sore” after the alleged encounter but added, “I’ll be fine.”

The 49-year-old construction business owner showed no visible marks but says he is “recovering.”

Cieszkowski said he had seen Baldwin on “Saturday Night Live” just “a few times” before the alleged encounter.

For his part, Baldwin denied punching anyone, tweeting, “Normally, I would not comment on something as egregiously misstated as today’s story. However, the assertion that I punched anyone over a parking spot is false. I wanted to go on the record stating as much.”

He added, “I realize that it has become a sport to tag people were many negative charges and defaming allegations as possible for the purposes of clickbait entertainment. Fortunately, no matter how reverberating the echos [sic], it doesn’t make the statements true.”

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