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BBNaija star, Alex Unusual has revealed what she does with the numerous marriage proposals she has been getting since her fame.

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Basically, she reads them, ignores them and she moves on – but that’s only for the ones that contain “senseless talk”.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Nation newspaper, Alex says people send her DMs asking her to simply marry them, which is not how things are done in the 21st century.

According to Alex, she has been getting a lot of marriage propositions from men who reach out to her online, but she does not necessarily consider the proposals. “Well, I don’t ever see it as a serious thing. Once I just open it and I see that you’re not going to say anything sensible, I just move to the next person. So I really don’t even get to read all that senseless talk,” she said.

When asked about her disposition towards marriage and the reason for her attitude towards the men that propose to her, Alex said: “Well, if you are sensible enough, you should be able to construct it in a way I would stay and read, not when you send me DM and say, ‘Alex I really want to marry you.’ I don’t understand, this is 21st Century and things are not said like that. But things happen like that sometimes. We’ve seen a lot of it on social media. If it’s supposed to happen, then it will happen.”

Alex also revealed that she has changed her mind from wanting to be married at the age of 22, to 24 and now, it could just be at anytime.

“Before Big Brother, if you asked me, I would have told you at 22 years because I want my child to look like my sister and close to Big Brother, I extended it to maybe 24. So, as it is now, I can even just be talking to you and just say six months, you hear Alex is getting married. If I see someone that I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with in the next one day or two days, fine,” she revealed.

When asked if she could marry someone who is not financially buoyant, Alex’s answer was wrapped in spirituality.

She said: “It depends. There are some people who have a lot of money now but when you look at their lifestyle, you know that if they continue their life like this, in the next three years, they won’t have anything again or if no one is there for them, they are going to fall. So, if I see someone who is not financially buoyant, I am not going to take his burden into my life and I know that God will not send a burden to me. But I am not saying you should be able to afford all the cars in this world but be okay for yourself, at least you can feed yourself. It is love that matters and not what the person has.”

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