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Alexander Wang Exposed As A Sexual Predator!

The internet is ablaze with claims of  highly celebrated designer Alexander Wang being a sexual predator.

Rape, Drugs and Deception are just a few words that have been used.

Fashion Watchdog Blog “DIET PRADA” has wasted no time in gathering evidence to support this claim.

It is with great disgust and disdain that I attach these supportive claims-

The first claim was from model, Owen Mooney who was answering questions on his social media about odd things that he has witnessed during his time in the fashion  fast lane.

“He stroked my leg and grabbed my crotch”

(PHOTO SOURCE: Diet Prada)


People need to be aware that WANG is a huge predator in the fashion industry ; the more he’s called out for his outrageous actions, the sooner he’ll stop!

We all know how speedy salacious news travels on social media so where we surprised that within minutes others emerged describing how they were drugged with molly water and other paraphernelia until Alexander Wang ensured they were blacked out and woozy enough for him to have his wicked way with them.

The internet has since called out Wang’s industry besties for further comments yet not a peep from any camp

The besties getting the most heat are Zoe Kravitz pictured above

in addition to the rest of the girls next to her such as

Bella Hadid 

and Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber again

oh, did I mention Hailey Bieber?