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The ace comedian, Alibaba, got optimistic for the Mavin crew’s first lady, Tiwa Savaga and her husband, Teebillz after the duo P-square resolved their ‘unending issues’ few days back.




Sometimes, we wonder how the musical duo is able to get past the emotional rants on social media. I mean, don’t get us wrong- we love them but we also think they should just settle once and for all. Their numerous conflict has made too many headlines again and again J

Back to the subject matter, Alibaba who predicted the P-square reunion is once again rolling the dice for Tiwa’s troubled marriage.

In his words, the comedian who had a conversation with some unknown guy (why is this guy unknown sef?) said:

If I had placed my bet on these brothers coming back… I would have won. Anyway, one of the guys that was there the day I emphatically said they would sort their differences out and get back together called me to say ‘Ali, I had to call you, because you said so’ and he added, ‘but that Tiwa them own go hard’. So I asked him ‘You wan bet?’… And he said, ‘I no trust you again, the kind confidence you take dey talk some things dey fear me’.

You think Alibaba will win again this time… are Tiwa and Teebillz gonna get back together? Tell us what you think in the comments

Written by Kike Olowu