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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Ok if you’re still wondering what Alkebulan festival is about, then learn more here.

The Art & Fashion Festival is set to hold at Freedom Park between Saturday, November 18 and Sunday November 19, 2017 and five lucky winners have won tickets to the festival from Accelerate.

Alkebulan festival poster logo

In its maiden edition scheduled for the last quarter of the year, the ALKEBULAN Art & Fashion Festival is set for takeoff with an exciting medley of cultural festivities for two days, opening from 10am daily.

The theme for this first outing is Heritage: A Bridge To The Future, encompassing the goal of the festival that heritage and culture should be propagated and used as a means of positively transforming society.

The CEO of enye Interiors limited, Kokwe Yebovi is the founder of the festival.

Here are activities to expect:

  • Spectacular art installations
  • Artistic performances in music, dance and uniquely ALKEBULAN sporting events and games
  • Innovative Fashion and Textile design
  • Food and Drink celebrating local produce
  • Music, Dance and so much more.

The ALKEBULAN Festival is organized by enyé interiors limited in partnership with Freedom Park, Lagos.

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