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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather can now retire undefeated, as he has knocked out his final battle opponent, Conor McGregor in a 10 round TKO victory.

The champion is now 50-0 as a professional, when McGregor was unable to answer several huge shots to the head, even though the first round was slow for Mayweather.

McGregor proved to be a worthy opponent though, as he landed very impressive blows that almost did Mayweather in in the first round. He also showed surprisingly strong counters in the second and third rounds and received a warning for hammer fists to the back of the head by the referee.

But Mayweather took charge from the fourth round, where he started landing big blows with right straights, slowing down his younger opponent, McGregor.

With a continuous back and forth between the two champions, Mayweather eventually swarmed McGregor with several unanswered shots, with McGregor stumbling around the ring in the 10th round, ending the match.

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