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Microbeads are tiny plastic balls that are contained in many face scrubs, body washes and even toothpaste (this is definitely not a chance for you to stop using toothpaste… gross). These microbeads go down the drain and find their way into our lakes, rivers, and oceans and may be ingested by marine life, which may later find their way to our plates. That’s right- when next you have ordinary tuna, you might be eating old beads full of face dirt. Before you get scared and stay away from eating any aquatic animals completely, this all depends on how many people use products that contain microbeads. Here are some alternative ways to exfoliate without killing fish:

Nude Exfoliant
Nude: Leave behind the usual exfoliant for a microfoliant. It is a powder-like substance that dissolves when mixed with water. Nude’s Detox Brightening Fizzy Powder Wash uses crushed rose hip seeds and vanilla orchid seeds to scrub away impurities the natural way.

alternatives to microbeads

Sunday Riley: Exfoliation doesn’t always have to involve scrubbing away by applying and washing it right off. This product can be worn daily as a serum, which works on dissolving dead skin cells and revealing a toned, clearer complexion.

Foreo Exfoliant brush
Foreo: Foreo Cleansing brushes use silicone touch-points along with T-sonic pulsations, to exfoliate. It is gentle for the most sensitive of skins and unlike most cleansing brushes, it doesn’t require constant brush head replacements.

alternatives to microbeads
Liz Earle: If you feel like the other products don’t give you the feel of proper exfoliation, the Liz Earle is the way to go. This natural formula contains fine jojoba beans to buff away the dead skin cells.

alternatives to microbeads
Konjac Sponges: They are made of porous root vegetable. They are gentle on skin and ideal for scrubbing as it won’t leave your skin irritated. It is also good for removing your make-up especially when washing with your hands is not enough. This is a great option for sensitive skin.

We care about the environment and your beauty regime, so save one and improve the other by using these alternative ways and get that bright, fresh skin exposed (while keeping the fish happy)

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Written by Nkem Ikeh

Image source: vogue.co.uk, forbes.com

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