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Every corner of Africa is overwhelmingly gorgeous and can be touched and explored by flights to the continent. A visit to Africa can change your life, your living, and thinking. If you are planning a trip to any part of Africa. Here are the top stunning African cities you can add to your bucket list.



Johannesburg is the second most enriched city in South Africa. It is full of life, enthusiasm and an amazing culture. Though Cape Town competes with Jo’Burg, it is still an awe-inspiring destination for several travellers. Make sure you visit the Apartheid Museum and City Deep, a gigantic dry port in the world.


Tunis is the most organized and developed city in North Africa. The enormous wealth and trade have a strong reflection on tourism too. The modernization and booming business allow Tunis to become one of the most visited cities in Africa.


Nairobi’s tourism offering is unbearably thrilling and spellbinding. A mere 15-minute drive from the skyscrapers of the city centre, you can enjoy a classic African wildlife experience at Nairobi National Park. Lion, cheetah, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, rhinoceros, and buffalo roam the sun-soaked savanna here. Nairobi is also the gateway to the world-famous safari parks of Kenya, which have captivated adventure seekers for more than a century.


Lagos, Nigeria’s megacity of aquatic splendour, is a city that offers a well-rounded tourism experience. The city has a very bustling nightlife, amazing beaches, historical museums and of course, tourists attractions like Epe Resort, Inagbe Resorts and much more.

Dar Es Salaam

As the capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam is one of the most peaceful cities in Africa. Other than being peaceful, this stunning city is highly developed. Shoppers can head towards Kariakoo, which is one of the most crowded and the largest in East Africa. Purchase anything from food to furniture.

By Damilola Faustino

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