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Written by Tripzapp

visa free

Hey Nigerians! Here’s some good news!

Visa Free!!! Yes Visa Free- No visa needed! Who doesn’t love that? Well if you are reading this you’re in luck as we’ve compiled a list of amazing vacation destinations that require no prior visa processing for Nigerian passport holders.

  1. Barbados


This gorgeous island nation in the eastern Caribbean is visa free for Nigerian Passport holders for up to 6 months of visit. A passport valid for not less than six months, proof of sufficient funds and your travel itinerary is all you need.

2. Cape Verde

cape verde

The island nation with an archipelago of 10 volcanic islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the North West Coast of Africa offers a great escape for holiday seekers and is visa free to Nigerian passport holders with a valid passport

3. Comorus

cosmoros island

Located in the Indian Ocean and off the coast of Eastern Africa, the Comoros islands are ringed with beaches and old lava from active Mt. Karthala volcano forming spectacular landscapes. This island nation is visa free to Nigerians.

4. Dominica


This Caribbean island nation famous for its geothermal warm springs is visa free entry for Nigerians up to 21 days

5. Fiji


This country in South Pacific with over 300 islands and famed for its rugged landscapes of blue lagoons and palm-lined beaches is visa free for up to 4 months.

So there you have it. 5 amazing locations for those of us with a green passport. Stick with AccelerateTV.com or head over to TripZapp.net to find more amazing places you can go that are visa free!

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