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By Sarah Oyedo

Womenswear brand, Amnas has released a new collection of modest work outfits.


Recent times have seen more fashion houses putting their backs into creating pieces that prove you can be covered up and still look chic. And Amnas, with a sole aim of providing women with modest wardrobe essentials, it’s latest workwear collection is a step in the right direction.

The collection features sleek dress in muted tones with intricate yet simple designs that are just right.


According to the statement released:

“The ultra-chic work wear collection is inspired by the baobab tree found mainly in Africa, which grows nearly 100 feet tall and has a strong exterior with a fire-resistant bark. The tree can withstand the driest droughts and yet still manages to bear edible fruits. The baobab tree is symbolic of the Amnas woman, strong, resilient and grounded. This workwear capsule collection is designed for such a woman who can withstand the toughest climate without losing her essence as a woman. The collection also serves as an exploration of Amnas’ root as an evolving it brand for millennials, whose core and traditions may be familiar, but yielding surprising results.”

See more looks below:

amnas amnas amnas


Makeup by: @Vugo24

Photography: @ternaiwar

Creative direction: @fatimagidado_

Model: @tale_mentary

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