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By Ugochi Obiajunwa

Brooches have always had a nice perk about them, it just depends on how they are worn.

These days, the position for brooches differ based on current needs.

It works on the head to amplify the beauty of your scarf or turban, serving a multifunctional purpose.

It also works as a fastener for the top buttons of your shirt, if they are a bit tight, while maintaining elegance, poise and sheer sweetness.

There are a number of fashion brands offering an array of attractive styles, designs, colors and shapes to choose from. You can easily glam up an outfit with a brooch that resonates your personality and voila, you’re set to turn heads and be the trend-setter of the event from weddings to parties, red carpet, Sunday services and all your important functions.

Check out amazing ways to wear the brooch in the slides above.

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