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Wooing a lady or woman is not that difficult. You only need the right chat up or pick up lines to get her attention. These words have to be patronising, realistic and certainly romantic. However, for some Nigerian guys who do not know how to sound romantic, they have evolved their own lines for wooing a girl. And for these girls, it can very annoying, because some of the lines are bland, boring and overused. We identify some of the chat up lines. Guys take note and stop using them!

eye roll

You look familiar

This is the line many guys use especially when they do not know how to break the ice. They go ‘You look familiar. Have I met you before?’ The girl will be confused wondering where she met the guy. The truth is they have never met you before. After, a brief hiatus, the guy will make his intentions known and start a serious conversation. This is when the girl will realise that the guy is trying to woo her and probably feel irritated at the way he started.

shut up

God told me you are my wife

You never met a girl before and you just walk up to her to say that God told me you are my wife. This can be very irritating and annoying. How did God reveal to you that you are her hubby? This line is mostly used by guys who wants to use spirituality and religion to toast a girl. Some girls actually fall for this. Perhaps, if you ever talk to him, tell him that you will pray about it.


I saw you in my dreams

Imagine a guy walking up to you and saying I saw you in my dreams! And so what? It means I have something to do with you. It was not an ordinary dream. I saw both of us walking to the altar! Oh, please!


Baby, you are really pretty. You are a spitting image of my mother

What?! How does your mum look like please? Very crude.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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