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It’s another Monday and since we figured you’re all annoyed about having to go back to work anyway, we’d compile a list of annoying habits fellow earthlings have that gets you to your wits end. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of those habit that literally make you want to snap a neck each time you see people do them.
Eating noisily- like slurping on noodles, drinks or allowing your cutleries make a concert on your plate. Everyone wants you to shut up!

Annoying relatives who exclaim at how you’ve grown and how little you were the last time they met you. Did you really expect me to stay the same? Kids grow you know!

Charging into a place when other people are trying to leave. Patience is a real virtue fam.

People who laugh louder than everyone else in a movie theater. or wouldn’t silence their phones, munch loudly on popcorn, make stupid comment. I could go on and on for this one.

Messing the toilet seat with pee and not cleaning it up. Didn’t your mum or kindergarten teacher at least teach you to aim properly?

People who walk without a clue on the road while looking or texting on their phone.

Leaving dirty dishes in the sink and even more annoying is leaving it with bits of food. Most of us are guilty of this one tbh.

Kicking the back seat of a bus or plane and inconveniencing the other person sitting on it.

Neighbors who don’t scoop their dog poop around the house.

Driving slowly on the fast lane. Get off the road puhleease!

Talking endlessly about a minor ailment. There’s a reason why there is an invention called drugs.

Nose picking especially in public. This is just plain disgusting, nothing more nothing less.

Replying a long message with K or ok. If they are your partner please go ahead and break up with them (just kidding).

Calling out a random number when someone is counting to confuse them. I can’t even deal with this one.

Having loud conversations on phone in public. Again everyone wants you to shut up.

Honking incessantly. That is not really what a honk is for you know.

People who wish other people happy birthday with “HBD”. Just type it out!

Spitting on the street. Eww..stop!