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Shopping with ladies can be so frustrating sometimes that some men have vowed never to go shopping with their babes. It is not that they have stopped loving them but it is because of some shopping habits of theirs. This should not surprise or shock any young man because women are wired that way and it is no gainsaying that women generally are unpredictable.

So, we have done a survey and we conclude that these are the annoying things ladies do when they go shopping with their boyfriends? Which ones can you relate with?

  1. They check out every store at the mall


The problem is that when you go shopping with a lady, they don’t actually know what they want to buy. Both of you may end up checking out every store at the mall before she finally finds what she wants. This can be tiring, plus in the end, she may never even like anything. This one is particularly common.

2. They keep returning to the same spot 

SMH. After visiting all the malls, and doesn’t get what she wants, she then has to reduce her standard a notch. Hence this is the time bae remembers that she saw a beautiful gown at one of the stores you earlier checked out. When your return to that store, you will realize that it is one of the places you have visited and she probably gave a negative comment about that item. You will be gobsmacked!

3. They expect you to carry all the shopping bags


Obviously, ladies expect men to be gentlemen and help them with the bags. But, it doesn’t feel good when he feels more like your bag boy than your lover. At least, you should help out with some of the bags. You cannot just be buying groceries or fashion items and dump it in the hands of your boyfriend.

4. They disregard your opinion about a particular item after asking you

Hey darling, should I buy this blue dress or the red one? You should buy the blue one. But the blue one is not fine, I will buy the red one. Then you begin to wonder why she asked you since she already knew the outfit to select. I can absolutely relate with this.

5. After all the stress, she doesn’t buy anything

Oh this one is common. It is not about the money, because you are willing to pay for her purchase. Notwithstanding, after moving from one store to another, bae may just decide no store has items that can satisfy her so you just head home empty handed. The worst is when she now decides to just use the money for something else, like, “Baby let’s just get some pizzas, ice cream, chicken and chips, since I can’t find what I want.” Then she gets to the pizza stand and she cannot make up her mind on which topping to get. Sorry guys, ladies are highly indecisive.

Written by Damilola Faustino


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