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Driving in Lagos can be a herculean task, thanks to the exasperating things that happen on Lagos roads. This is not even about the danfos, it is my car (private cars) people that are even more displeasing because they are supposed to know better. Some of them can simply drive you crazy!

driving and hawkers

Buying Items right in the middle of the road

Some Lagosians are in the habit of buying all sorts of things from hawkers while driving. Instead of parking properly to buy whatever they want, they stay right in the middle of the road performing the transactions. Even if you honk from today till tomorrow; they won’t move until they are done with whatever they are buying.

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Not moving your car after being slightly scratched

This is a major cause of traffic on the road. Two motorists will refuse to leave the road because they are arguing over who is at fault. Within few minutes, a long queue of traffic would build up. Why can’t you just leave the road, park properly and argue till eternity?


Splashing water on pedestrians

Water would have been splashed on you several times especially when it rains. At a very unreasonable speed, they drive past you drenching your new shirt in dirty and smelly water. At that moment, you will be confused and lost on what to do. You begin to wonder if they didn’t see the water or they just did it on purpose.


Parking indiscriminately 

Today in Lagos you cannot park indiscriminately, because the Lagos State Traffic Maintenance Authority (LASTMA) is watching and immediately they see you illegally parked, they will swarm around you like bees. Regardless, some Lagosians still park anyhow. Any available space is their parking space. Worse enough, some will just leave their car for hours and saunter away.

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The delays caused by a learner 

If you have ever driven behind a learner, you will feel like yanking them off the steering and take the wheels. This is because danfos will take advantage of them and they are as slow as a snail. You are just wasting your time urging them to move. It is better you find your way to another lane before you lose your sanity.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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