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If you’re already a fan of Comic Republic (and if you aren’t, what are you waiting for? A world of African fantasy stories awaits you!), you are already familiar with how it covers every aspect of contemporary genre fantasy… except in the cosmic direction.

might of the guardian prime

Well, if that was a sticking point for you, we have some good news- with the release of Galactic Core, written and pencilled by Emmanuel Ozor, superpowered Africans have touched the stars.

The first instalment of “Galactic Core” serves as an action-packed introduction to the powers and abilities of the colourful cast of space-bound peacekeepers that make up the Galactic Corps, defenders of peaceful worlds all over the galaxy. It has a deceptively simple narrative, in which the corps protect the innocent from those who would do them harm, but underlying the bold, dreamlike colours and clean lines of Emmanuel’s vibrant and kinetic style is the framing of a strong aesthetic that we expect to see carry forward into the series’ latter episodes.

With planets and star systems having such names as “Natal”, “Qu’bi 4” and “Ch’yuli”, which, if you are from East or Southern Africa, you wouldn’t be wrong to feel are a little familiar, and the subtle influence of Afrofuturism on the architecture and fashions on display, not to mention the existence of certain West African speech aphorisms in the language of the wider galactic world, we are seeing the beginnings of a new way of seeing the cosmos around us- one in which the peoples, customs, and cultures of the birthplace of humanity are not lost- but have rather evolved and flourished, into something wondrous and beautiful.

And if all you want is some high octane science fiction action? Galactic Corps issue 1 goes out of its way not to disappoint you. Early on, princess Ariesa asks her foes whether they have ever seen a Natalite Warrior princess in action.

Pick up this issue, and you’ll be able to answer a resounding “Yes” to that question!

Galactic Core issue 1 is available now for free from Comic Republic’s website. Story and Illustration by Emmanuel Ozor, with colours by Michael Balogun. Read Now!

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