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Na Wetin?! Yet another case of bribery against a judge?!

A court of appeal judge, Justice Jummai Sankey has refused presiding over the case of the Ondo State People Democratic Party crisis.

She was not alone in this as two members of the panel also backed-down from attending to the case.

A petition dated the 31st day of October was written against the judge and the two members of the panel by Biyi Poroye, the state chairman of the party.

The petition stated that Ondo state governor, Olusegun Mimiko, had made public declarations that he bribed the judge with a sum of N350 million, just as he had also earlier boasted of bribing the same judge with a N100 million.

The petitioner, Mr. Poroye stated in the petition that, the judge who was seriously ill sometime ago was vulnerable for cash-treats in order to revive her financial standing which her treatment may have eaten up.

The judge who felt it was a blow-below-the-belt for the petitioner to have attacked her state of health as a ground for his allegations reacted accordingly.

“Conscience is an open wound, only truth can heal it. It is painful that the petitioner used my ailment predicament to insult me, to allege that I am a poor judgen, sick for five years and prone to corruption. I am ready to carry my illness on my shoulder, but it is unfair for the petitioner to make my sickness an issue in his petition.” she said.


Written by Okolo Ezinne