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I know I have the talent…I was already spiritually viewing the 25 million naira in my account. In fact, I have started spending the money! When I eventually woke from my irrational spiritual slumber, they have concluded the audition, selected the housemates and airing had started.


Welcome to Big Brother Nigeria, where housemates can do anything in a bid to win 25 million. I wept like a 3-year-old child when I realized that I have missed this whooping cash and the chance to do anything to win the money (sobbing). Somebody, please give me a tissue.

I am supposed to be among these 14 housemates including Bally, Bisola, CoCoice, Efe, Gifty, Kemen, Marvis, Miyonse, Soma, TBos, ThinTallTony, Uriel, Debie-Rise, and Bassey. Some of them have been evicted.

Remarkably, they have been in the house for less than 2 months and I have watched the extent at which housemates can go for 25 million.

Some who are married like TTT and Gifty left their spouses for the Big Brother house. I am sure their spouses must have approved their BBN sabbatical. After all, they will use the 25 million to take care of their home. Baby don’t worry!


Furthermore, the free-for-all and subtle sexual escapades are essential to winning 25 million. Why do you think I wanted to join? Even if I don’t win, I will…

Despite the free-for-all acts, you must get the consent of whoever you want to perform the lewd acts on. This was the mistake Kemen made. He thought he could do anything without consent. He was caught groping Tboss without her consent and was thrown out of the house.

Give it to big brother, they are airing what the audience want and the housemates are doing whatever it takes to curry the favour of those watching. And there is no denying it that it is mostly watched by young people.

Consequently, it has raised the question of morality among many Nigerians. That some have called for the banning of the show because it’s eroding our cultural values. Those for the show argue that if you are disgusted with what you are seeing, you should tune to other channels

Obviously, we are Nigerians and Africans, the morality question will always be raised. And quite a number of people will agree that the carefree sexual acts should be reduced.

But what is BigBrother without these acts? These housemates are gunning for 25 million and you say they should not do anything? Naa…The gains of winning far outweighs morality. Ask Uti Nwachukwu and Beverly Naya how winning Big brother changed their lives!

So, it’s a battle between morality and money. And in this world where money rules. Mrs. Money will always knockout morality. The argument will never end.

My own is whoever wins should share part of the spoils with me. 🙏
Written by Damilola Faustino

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