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It looks like Nicki Minaj is taking a break from her beef with Funk Master Flex  to come for her ex-boyfriend Safaree. Or maybe she has time for both beefs. Anyway, the ‘Queen of rap’ is out for Safaree this time and it looks like a she is out for revenge.SafareeIn a  recent interview on Hot 97 during her press run for latest album Queen, Nicki spilled a whole lot of tea about Safaree – apparently, she was not only cutting him checks, he was taking advantage of her niceness as well.

Flex questioned her about her lyrics and asked if Safaree wrote her raps, for which she denied and added that he stole from her and used her credit cards for picking up prostitutes.

Taking to Twitter, Safaree found himself absolutely unloading on his ex, essentially airing out their dirty laundry with the brutal honesty of the truly scorned.

Read his tweets below:


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