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Are Big Brands Being Honest About Their Sustainability? This seems to be the million dollar question. A major new report has shown that big brands are lying and misleading customers about what there clothes are made from to be seen as sustainable. The original report done by Changing Markets Foundation found that “greenwashing is rife” for both high street and luxury brands.

EGYPT: "Vatrina", an application for sustainable fashion, launched by  students | Afrik 21


Excerpts from the report accuse companies such as Asos of using materials that cannot be recycled to make some of their clothing.

“ASOS has…been caught lying to its customers. A pair of ASOS trousers claim to be ‘mono-material’ and therefore ‘designed to be remade’ or recycled. Yet, the product is actually a blend of 54 per cent nylon and 46 per cent polyester – a mixture impossible to recycle with current technology.” – Changing Markets Foundation

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Results also show that 60 per cent of claims by UK and European fashion companies, including Zara, H&M are unsubstantiated.

According to the report, the companies below are the worst offenders.

  • H&M – 96% claims flouting UK Competition and Markets Authority’s guidelines.
  • ASOS – 89% false claims

The report also found that the following four brands are the most addicted to fossil fuel-based fibres.

  • Boohoo – 85% of items contain synthetic fibres
  • Walmart – 80%
  • UNIQLO – 79%
  • Forever 21 – 78%


Synthetic fibres represent over two thirds (69 per cent) of all materials used in textiles, according to the report, and may increase to about three quarters by 2o30. This is a big problem because cheap synthetic fibres end up in landfills.

The report raises important challenges for the whole industry, including the use of fossil-fuel based fibers  for fashion products and the importance of credible sustainability claims.


So How Can Big Brands Be Honest About Their Sustainability? How can they make changes?


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