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Much like every aspect of this world, tech has found its way in, the most recent device is the UV sanitizers.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, tech & healthcare merged to produce UV sanitizers/sanitizing devices and I’m wondering if these are with the hygienic hype or just a waste of money.
In Europe and the United States of America, it seems like citizens are over and done with purchasing countless sanitizer liquids and wipes
Hence since the introduction of the UV sanitizers which are rechargeable and promise to last a lifetime,
shoppers are now clamoring to purchase.
These UV sanitizers are made to disinfect phones, keys, and other high-touch daily essentials.
They come in sleek attractive pouches and packaging and are slowly becoming the next instagrammable craze
But, with any new tech craze, this popular product now begs the question: does it work? And, more importantly, is it even safe?
Scroll to see some that are on the market
and comment below if this is something you see yourself purchasing.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono