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By Oludara Ogunbowale

Have you ever been in a situation where you see your friend off to the Airport and before you get back home, they have landed at their destination? If you live in Lagos, this is probably a norm. Also, you remember that lady that you have not spoken to in seven months and still go around telling people ‘oh, she is my friend’? Hmmm. Are you sure she is still your friend?

After going through all the stress of work, tight deadlines and traffic during the week, it is only natural that our weekends are for resting and a few very necessary owambes. If you are now a worker in church and you have to go for some sort of rehearsal or pre-meeting on weekends, I empathise with you.

But honestly, there has to be some sort of healthy balance. Yes, Lagos traffic can be startling and the general daily life daunting, but some things are still important

Here are a few tips to ensure that your circle of friendship or ‘social wealth’ does not deplete now that you are young so that you are not without genuine relationships when you are 80! (just saying).

  • Have a call schedule for family and friends and the frequency by which these calls would be made depending on the level of closeness or intimacy you wish to have with them.
  • Try to get busy in traffic (if you’re not driving). You could maximise time in traffic by responding to most messages from loved ones as much as you can. You do not want to wait to say hello to a good friend or cousin when you hear that she is now in Aso Rock as either the President or the first lady.
  • Know which events to attend and which ones not to. Prioritize your attendance of events with loved ones above other ones. I know loved ones do not give returns almost immediately but trust me, you are investing in good relationships that may transcend your second and third generation!
  • You remember that lady with whom you have not spoken to in seven months and still go around telling people ‘oh, she is my friend’? Hmmm ..Are you sure? Call her today.

I once went for an event where the speaker said you are not poor because you don’t have money, but you are poor when you do not have quality relationships or genuine long standing relationships with people. This is a sort of audacious expression but it just might be true.

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