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A lot of news is coming from the fast fashion realm, as H&M is expanding its reach to the next level with the launching of a brand new fashion and homeware retailer, ARKET.


The new brand is known as Arket, and will join other stores, including Cheap Monday, Cos, Monki, and Wednesday as an all – inclusive outlet with products for women, Men and children.

To add to selling H&M manufactured clothing and home goods, Arket is also meant to carry a handful of other complementary brands.

H&M believes that the new store is targeting customers in search of “Classic, quality products, as the price range has been set on the higher side.”

The mission of the brand to business of fashion was further elaborated by none other than Ulrika Bernhardtz, Arket’s creative director, and he says:

“We really believe it’s relevant to a modern customer to bring different brands together – underone roof, under one channel – and to make that choice for them and also make it convenient. The brand DNA is timeless, crisp, quality and warmth.”

Bernhardtz continued, “Timeless is style beyond trend. And crisp is the counterpart to that: to be always relevant, modern and fresh. Quality is not only the feel of garments, it is also how they are produced. Warmth is about being genuine and personal.”

According to Lars Axelsson, the Managing Director of Arket, the retail brand has been in the works for the past two years.

He explained that the name is Swedish, and translates to sheets of paper.

Bernhardtz said the Swedish name was chosen for stores because “it both relates to our origin in the Nordic tradition of Functional, long lasting design and symbolizes the blank sheet, the sense of optimism and possibility we felt creating this new brand.”

The first Arket store is targeted to open on London’s Regent Street towards the end of this summer.

Meanwhile, the store is restricted to online shopping within the 18 European countries that the company has confirmed, as right now, their focus is on dominating the European market.

Photo credit: H&M

Written by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

Ig: @pathrik_         t: @_pathrik

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