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Ariana Grande has been named Queen of this year’s Coachella, with her amazing 85-minute performance in Palm Springs, California.

ariana grande

In her set on April 14, Grande, who was the youngest artist to ever headline the popular music and arts festival, pulled off an *NSYNC reunion, paid tribute to late rapper Mac Miller and sang before an orchestra.

She also featured P. Diddy, overcame audio issues with Nicki Minaj and served as the soundtrack to an adorable Justin Bieber-Billie Eilish hug. She even had Wall-E do a cameo.

All this with another another weekend to go…

That’s not what’s irking Twitter today though.

Variety reported that the 25-year-old making $8 million for headlining the 2019 Coachella. Meanwhile, it had been reported that Beyonce got paid only half that amount, $4 million for headlining the show last year.

Twitter is enraged by this notion and they of course, have been sharing their opinions about it.

See comments of some social media users below:

@windowdanvers: if ariana really got paid more than beyonce it really is f**k coachella be… it just don’t add up.

@lmsbloodline: I love ariana sm and have no problem at all with her bc I know none of this is her fault but it really irks me that Beyonce put in so much hard work only to be paid half of what Ariana got for performing at Coachella. IK she’s already rich but it still feels iffy.


Beychella Performance made us all historically proud as a race..and no payment amount can’t compare to that👑👑👑👑👑



They owe Beyoncé money after her Homecoming special!

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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