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Fiction Friday

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#ComicRepublic – Feel The Beatz

I hate bullies, personally they ruined most of my high school experience and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about these delinquents. But neve...

#ComicRepublic: The Aje Returns

Have you ever seen a real witch? Nigerian myth and folklore, or at least the ones made available to us would have us believe them to be diabolical creatures of ...

#Unforgettable: Igbinoba (Ep 4)

By Sarah Oyedo What hath night to do with sleep? ~ John Milton The toilet bowl had not been washed for days. He could tell as he directed his flashlight o...
drinking alcohol

#Unforgettable: Breached (Ep 3)

By Sarah Oyedo Sha yo nah b*st*rd. The girl in red dress from the party was grinding on him. Hard. Only this time, her gown had morphed into a skimpy ...