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By Akitobi Akitunde

wande coal

Artiste Name: Wande Coal

Album Title: Mushin2Mohits

Release Year: 2009

Record Label: Mo’Hits Records

sean tizzle

Artiste Name:  Sean Tizzle

Album Title: The Journey

Release Year: 2014

Record Label: Difference Entertainment

In the last one week, I have taken out time to listen to a few albums from present day and some throwback albums. Some of the albums reviewed include:

  • 9ice: Gongo Aso
  • Wizkid: Superstar
  • Sean Tizzle: The Journey
  • Dbanj: Entertainer
  • Wande Coal: Mushin2Mohits
  • Kiss Daniel: New Era

Amidst all of these Albums, the two that struck me the most are “The journey” and “Mushin2Mohits”. This is because in my opinion of the albums have been the best pop albums to come out of the Nigerian music industry in the last decade because of the quality of production (lyrical content, Beats, Mixing and mastering).

Wande Coal: Mushin2Mohits

Many things make me listen to an album, or even rate an album as a good album from the track list arrangement, versatility of the artiste, Vocal dexterity and how many club bangers are on the Album. With songs like

  • Bumper to bumper,
  • Ololufe,
  • Taboo,
  • You bad,

Which are my all-time favourites on the album, this album features the magic touch of the super talented producer Don Jazzy. I will Rate the Album as no. 1.

Sean Tizzle: The Journey

Sean Tizzle, in my opinion is a very versatile artiste, even when many of us thought he was going to be a one-hit wonder after he released So Le, he surprised us by releasing many more hit tracks like:

  • perfect gentleman
  • loke loke
  • Igi Orombo
  • Kilogbe

To mention a few. The album was produced by D’tunes and mixed and mastered by Zino foster.

Similarities between both Artistes:

They left their record labels

They have tried launching their own labels

They have released a couple of hit singles in the last few years

They have not lived up to their last Album

They have the best two Albums in the last Decade


Wande Coal

Many people have recognized Wande Coal as one of the best vocalists on the continent; he has managed to release a couple of club bangers like

  • Iskaba
  • Tukey nla

In my opinion they still have not met up to his glory days in Mo hits, hence, I will rate Wande as a B-list Artiste in the Nigerian Music industry.

Never the less we still need a Wande Coal concert so we can watch him perform all those hits we love.

Sean Tizzle

Sean Tizzle’s last Ep “Moving Forward” was a good try at a comeback but did not really move the artiste forward. With Tracks like

  • Alhaji Bass
  • Roll Up
  • Telephone Man
  • Dide

Even having Davido on the Dide song did not help. However I like his effort on Wasted, I think the Nigerian audience moves on fast and did not wait for Sean Tizzle. He would need to do a lot of work to catch up with the new skool boys. I will Rate him as a very low B-List Artiste.

As reviewed by Akitobi Akitunde for Accelerate

  • :@Akitobi : @iam_Akitobi

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