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Like play like joke, it’s now been 12 weeks! In a few days, the Ask Damz challenge will be over. We’ve seen all the hard work you guys have put in and the results have been truly amazing. Well done to you all!




The competition is nearly done and we’re already beginning the process of picking our winner. But let’s not forget that the whole point of the competition isn’t to win- it’s to stay fit and healthy. So we’re still giving tips to help you maintain this lifestyle, even after the competition is done.




We last talked about the importance of chewing slowly and paying attention to your protein intake. And today is all about you and your willpower.

It’s important not to rely on yourself and your will while dieting. Don’t torture yourself by being surrounded by goodies all the time. Instead, control your “food environment” so that you don’t unconsciously overfill your plate and eat when you’re not hungry. That means, for example, not having junk foods at home or at least keeping them out of sight (such as on a top shelf or in the back of the fridge)—and changing your routines so you don’t regularly encounter temptations (such as avoiding the office pantry between meals if it has enticing foods and driving a route that doesn’t take you past your favourite food places). Use smaller—you may even want to invest in portion-controlled plates (that delineate what reasonable serving sizes are) or portion-control devices (that allow you to measure your food directly on the plate); many different kinds are available online. Portion out snacks into small bowls or bags; don’t eat from large bags or boxes.

Check back tomorrow (yes tomorrow!) for one last tip!


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