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Can you believe it’s almost done!? That’s right- there’s just a few weeks left for the Ask Damz 12 Week Challenge. And from what we’ve seen on social media, some of you have truly risen to the occasion. For those of you just finding out about this, don’t be discouraged- you can still join in! Find out the details here:



We know that not everyone is on the AskDamz programme (but if you’re not, you might want to change that because it’s truly awesome) so we’re giving helpful tips every week to help make this challenge a little easier. And this week we’re making it special by giving you two tips in one go!



Last week was about maintaining realistic expectations about your weight loss goals. And this week is a double whammy of weight losing tips.

A component of mindful eating, this allows more time for satiety signals to reach the brain (it takes about 20 minutes), so slow eaters tend to feel more full and eat less. The process of chewing itself may also stimulate satiety signals. In addition, eating slowly makes you more aware of the smell, taste, and texture of the foods, which can lead to greater satisfaction with fewer calories. Keep in mind also that the most pleasure often comes from the first few bites of a food; after that, it’s the law of diminishing returns.



Chew slowly and we swear you might look like Teyana

In addition to chewing slowly, there’s evidence that protein increases satiety more than carbohydrates do. Protein also helps limit muscle loss during weight loss. Look for sources of lean protein (such as beans and other legumes, white-meat poultry, and low-fat or non-fat dairy) or those also rich in healthy fats (such as fish, nuts, and soy foods). Some research suggests that distributing your protein throughout the day also helps in weight loss, rather than eating the bulk of it at, say, dinnertime.


Check back next week for more tips!

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