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So your dream guy works in your office. He’s in front of you day in and day out. He flirts with you, he brings you food, he’s generally sweet. So what’s your next move- ask him out? Or wait for him to do it?

Asking a guy out. This is probably the hardest thing in the world for a girl to do (well, not for everybody). The sad truth is that some girls would rather watch their dream man slip from their fingers than walk up to him and ask him on date. I personally don’t get it- it’s really not that hard a thing to do. After all the worst that can happen is that he’ll turn you down and you move on to the next person on your list.

Giving a guy the green light that you’re interested in him works fine but not all the time cos let’s be honest, men can be clueless at times. Rather than wait and let some other girl steal your man before your very eyes, take the lead and ask him out and if he says yes, you’ll be forever happy you did.

Here are five tips and tricks in asking your knight in shining armor out for a date:

date night

‘This could be you and bae but you playin’

-I’m guessing at this stage you’re already friends with him or at least know him a little bit.  Call him and ask him if his free and if he says yes, ask him if he can come with  you to the cinema as you’d be don’t want to be bored there and your friends don’t like your type of movie. Chances are that he’ll obviously figure out that you specially picked him to accompany you.

-Buy two tickets to a musical concert, comedy show or theatre performance that you’re sure he’ll probably like to watch. Mention it as a passing comment how you’re stuck with an extra ticket as your friend bailed on you. If he still doesn’t take the bait, ask him if he’d like to go with you instead and how good of a company he’ll be and watch him blush over your comment.


dream guy date night black couple


-If you’re crippling shy then ask him out through a note, this makes you come off as a cute and creative person. A simple note of “would you like to hang out sometime” then with your name signed under might do the simple tick for you. Leave the note in an obvious place like his car dash board, phone pouch or wallet.

-If you know any particular food that he’s totally into, research places that have the tastiest version of this meal on their menu (might cost you some money but shey na you dey find man). Call him up and tell him you just discovered this place that sells his favorite meal and with little luck, you might just lock him down with a plate or two of food.

-If you’ve got huge balls then skip all the storytelling, walk up to him and ask “Are you free this weekend?” Just twenty seconds of insane courage is all you need girl. Asking him out directly allows the guy to get a clear idea of what you’re saying and most guys will admire your boldness.


Have you ever asked a guy out? Would you rather die before you do? Or are you gonna try one of our tips? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Treasure Asanammy

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