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We assume that you’ve been paying attention these last few weeks. But just in case you need a light memory jog, Accelerate is running a weight loss challenge with the incredible Ask Damz. Watch the following for all the juicy details:



We’re aware that not everyone is on the AskDamz programme (you really should be though because we are and it’s LIT) so we’re giving helpful tips every week to help make this challenge a little easier.

Last week’s tip was all about portion control. And this week we’re talking about meal control and snacking!

Many people find that going longer than a few hours without food makes them more likely to overeat later (often on high-calorie treats). Find a meal-timing pattern that works best for you. If you eat between meals, plan ahead for healthful “mini-snacks” (100 to 200 calories), such as a small container of low-fat yogurt with a handful of berries; Oatmeal with skimmed or semi-skimmed milk with sweetener.

So it’s ok to snack- just make sure you keep it small and keep it healthy.


Web: www.askdamz.com

Email: [email protected]