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Aso-Oke is a short form of Aso Ilu Oke, also known as Aso-Ofi, meaning clothes from the up-country.



It is the traditional wear of the Yoruba’s (the tribe of the southwest people in Nigeria, Africa).

The Yoruba’s are the second largest tribe in Nigeria after the Northerners.

Aso-Oke is a cloth that is worn on special occasions by the Yoruba’s, usually for chieftaincy, festivals, engagement, naming ceremonies and other important events.

The beauty of Aso-Oke comes out more when it is taken as Aso-Ebi (group of people e.g. friends, families e.t.c).

Cloth weaving (Aso-Oke) started centuries ago amongst the Yoruba’s but predominantly amongst the Iseyin’s (Oyo-State), Ede (Osun State) and Okene Kogi State.

The fibres used for weaving are either locally sourced or brought from neighboring states (northern parts of the country).

Pretty Nigerian actress, Olayode Juliana is popular for her role as Toyosi aka Toyobaby in the TV comedy series, Jenifa.



She plays the conscientious best friend of the lead character and many have fallen in love with her not just because she is a talented actress but also for her lovely gap-toothed smile.

Since she came into limelight, the beautiful actress has been snagged by various professionals to model one thing or the other.


With her wonderful personality and stunning face, the reasons are not far-fetched.  She looks stunning on the aso oke wear as a bride, displaying the beauty of aso oke, as the aso oke is well embellished with rhinestones  and good accessories to go with.

Written by Patrick Eromosele Eidusi

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