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Online retail giant Asos has made an announcement that it would be stopping the sale of Mohair, silk, Cashmere and Feathers.


The retailer, which ships its goods to more than 50 countries worldwide, including Nigeria, mentioned that it would gradually phase out these items by January 2019.

The move has gotten praise from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), who applauded Asos for leading the charge for compassion in fashion.

Consumers are changing the face of the industry by demanding designers and retailers ditch animal-derived materials in favour of cruelty – free alternatives that look great without causing suffering.

The online retailer joined over 140 brands from around the world, by halting its use of Mohair after PETA released a video exposing mohair production in South Africa in May 2018. (video below)

In a world where acctability is becoming more sexy, such practice has no place in the sustainability of the fashion industry.

Now, with the help of Household brands like Asos, alternative, cruelty – free materials are becoming indistinguishable from animal based fibres and are becoming more sexy.

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