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By Sarah Oyedo

Asos, a British online fashion and beauty retainer with a market target of the young, has been seeking to broaden options for plus-sized women, and promoting positive body image and mental wellness.

In keeping with its recent initiatives, the brand has now released a tie-dye rain suit—one that can be zipped together into a jumpsuit, no less. It is specifically designed with wheelchair users in mind.


“Accessible clothing is an area that we’re looking to make improvements in, both in terms of designing clothes differently and helping people with specific needs find what they’re looking for more easily,” ASOS’ corporate website reads. Asos worked with Chloe Ball-Hopkins a BBC reporter, para-athlete and a wheelchair user to create the line of outfits.

So over the last several months I have been working with @ASOS to create a fashionable, yet practical waterproof all in one! Not just for people like me in a chair but for anyone. It’s about making fashion accessible! So what should be next?! https://t.co/1gzzkRlED9 pic.twitter.com/7yS57QEmpD

— Chloe Ball-Hopkins (@chloe_ballhopzy) July 4, 2018

From twitter, it was all glowing praise for Asos. Here are some of the comments:

How amazing is this?! First brand I’ve seen to do it and it’s so lovely! 👏🏼💕 @ASOS pic.twitter.com/J8PcWWdLeN

— peach (@ru194) July 4, 2018

This is so awesome @ASOS! Everything I’m fighting for!! #disabledfashion https://t.co/vtkzCJlhU2

— Sophie Bradbury-Cox (@fashionbellee) July 4, 2018


@ASOS leading the way! This is honestly the first time I have ever seen a disabled model in a ‘normal’ set up, rather than a special one off to gain attention. So happy my ASOS addiction is fuelling a forward thinking, caring business 🙌🏻 #equality #DisabilityRights pic.twitter.com/4bgTWzPrrV

— Gracey (@GraceyRx) July 4, 2018

Great to see this sort of representation on the @ASOS website. Shopping is something most of us take for granted in terms of representation. Seeing disabled people in the media through campaigns, as actors, singers is so important as it challenges the stigma around disabilities. pic.twitter.com/asQAprWFxS

— Gurls Talk (@gurlstalk) July 4, 2018

This is great to see!! Everyone in fashion take note!! Well done @chloe_ballhopzy @ASOS do you need any male models? Give me a shout 😉😂 https://t.co/mNmbbeNFqb

— Jack Hunter-Spivey (@jackhstt) July 4, 2018

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