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 ATAFO is the eponymous fashion brand birthed from the mind of our March 2019 Cover Star

mai atafo
Ohimai ATAFO

The ATAFO brand is well known for making bespoke suits and androgynous tailored outfits.

However what I’ve been obsessing over recently, is the versatility that their innovative traditional sets offers.

The ATAFO Versatile Traditional Sets

The stylist in me will always ruthlessly enforce that you choose an outfit that can be worn in many different ways in order to maximize the money you’ve spent on it and in so doing showcase your versatile style.

Outfit 1: The Agbada & Kaftan Shirt Set

This outfit can be worn in 3 major ways

– As a full set

-Without the agbada in a demure laidback manner

-Lose the agbada and the fila to achieve a super casual feel

but feel free to dress the look down further by rocking it with a pair of all white/ grey trainers  and a baseball cap


P.S. should you wish to dress it up in an effortless manner, accessorize with a fedora hat and sleek brooches.

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