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As smartphones are becoming more popular, so are mobile apps. This is why many companies and organizations are developing their mobile apps. However, we have discovered that, for some reason, mobile phone users don’t use these apps.

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Unknown to these companies, a viable way to attract customers is via mobile apps because many Nigerians now own internet savvy smartphones. In line with this, we take a sneak peek into how to attract customers with your mobile app this #TechTuesday:

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  1. Give discounts for using mobile app

On some e-commerce websites, there is always a discount code for downloading or using their mobile app. In other words, when you shop with the app and use the code, you will have 5% or 10% off your purchase. This is a good incentive to attract customers.

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2. Simple to use and navigate

Some mobile apps are very difficult to use or navigate. This is because they are not interactive. If the app is too technical and irresponsible, your customers will just abandon it. They either download a competitor’s app or use the desktop version. So keep your app simple and easy to navigate.

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3. Gamification

Gamification according to Wikipedia is the application of typical elements of game playing to encourage engagement with a product or service. This involves point scoring and competition with others. This is a reward system that will encourage your users or customers to always come back to use your app.

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4. Make mouthwatering offers

You should make mouthwatering offers to customers which they cannot refuse. This offer should be for using the mobile app. You can give users ridiculous discounts/coupons and reward them with prices for using the app.

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5. Connect your app with social media

There are some people who like to share their purchases with friends on WhatsApp, Facebook, and twitter. Hence, ensure that you connect the app to social media to enable easy sharing.

Written by Damilola Faustino

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