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You guys are leaving for a team lunch and are about to board the car. Your boss is with you. Do you offer him the front passenger seat? You may be confused. If you too have felt so confused in life then this article is perfect for you. Here are car etiquettes that every passenger should know of. Time for some enlightenment.

friends in car

 If someone loans their car to you, show your appreciation by refilling their fuel tank

This rule still applies even if you drove a short distance.

It is rude to sit in the back seat if you are alone in a vehicle with a friend who’s driving.

Is your friend a taxi driver? No? Then don’t treat them like one. And couples, please don’t get cozy in the back seat and leave your poor driver friend alone in front.

Always offer the front seat to someone who is “more important”.

“More important” individuals include the driver’s parents, significant other, or boss. You are also expected to offer the front seat to someone who is more senior than you.

Adults in front. Kids at the back.

If you are traveling with young children, they should always be seated at the back. This is for the safety of everyone on board.

If you are a passenger, do not touch the car’s controls without the driver’s permission.

This is the number one pet peeve of many drivers. Do not mess around with the car’s console without permission. That’s like going to a dance club and putting on your own music.

Seat belts are mandatory, not optional.

If you’re a responsible adult, you wouldn’t need to be told to wear your seat belt.

Don’t fiddle around with someone’s glove box or door pockets.

Unless the driver asks you to look for something, it’s best to keep your hands to yourself. Don’t intrude on the driver’s personal space and property.

Keep your feet off the dashboard and seat.

Are you a small child or young toddler? If no, your feet and shoes have no business to be on the dashboard or seat.

Don’t be a litterbug.

Leaving rubbish in someone else’s car is plain rude. That’s like leaving your trash on the floor in someone’s house.

My car, my rules.

The car owner always has the final say. Not happy? Take a cab.

By Damilola Faustino

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