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A walk in closet that is the size of two master bedrooms is almost any girl’s dream, but dreams sometimes may not come true. We have to ensure that the closet you have right now does not make you wake up every morning dreading getting dressed. Here are a few closet hacks that can reduce your terrible closet anxieties.

wardrobe hacks3

  • Use hangers that are ultra slim huggable hangers in other to conserve space. This will be perfect for wide necked clothes so that they don’t fall off. Even more perfect if folding is your worst enemy.
  • If you store your shoes in boxes, ensure that you tag the boxes to know which is what.
  • Not a morning person- install a hook in front of your closet door to hang your next day ensemble. You will definitely sleep better when you don’t have to worry about what to wear the next day.

wardrobe hacks

  • If you have room, you can install a rod to display outfits for the whole week. This will be done every weekend and will you save a lot of time during the weekdays. You might even get a few extra minutes or hours of sleep.

wardrobe hacks2

  • Roll and don’t fold your T-shirts to make them more visible. You can have tees of the same colour but with maximum visibility, you will choose the right one without having to pick out and put back too many. This method can be used for scarves and ties as well.
  • Feel free to install a rack on the wall to hang your jewellery. It will keep it very visible and untangled.

wardrobe hacks1

These are just few hacks to help you defeat your closet anxieties and instead look fabulous every day. Any more you think could be of help? Leave your comment below. Now you can go forth and dress to impress.

Written by Nkem Ikeh

Images: buzzfeed.com

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